Why is transportation important?

The transportation sector is responsible for about one-third of U.S. energy related carbon dioxide emissions. There are simple programs that can help reduce travel emissions and influence and change behavior towards a more sustainable workforce, while improving the health and morale of employees.

Travel action items:

  • Provide bike racks. Regardless of your location, there are likely to be some employees who would like to bike to work when possible.
  • Provide information on mass transit and make sure employees know their public transportation options.
  • Encourage employees to carpool. You can provide a network to help them locate co-workers who live nearby, and even provide incentives such as free parking or prize drawings.
  • Provide priority parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and carpoolers.
  • Encourage teleconferencing by providing employees with teleconferencing technology in your office.
  • Take an inventory to set a baseline of where your company stands as far as business travel and commuting. Once you have your baseline, you can set a goal and benchmark your progress.
  • Allow telecommuting once a week to reduce the miles traveled by your employees and reduce your building’s overall carbon footprint.