Facility alterations

From time to time the space needs of your company may change, or a renovation of a space may be necessary. When these changes are made in an environmentally responsible way, you not only reduce your impact, you also create a healthier work environment for the occupants.

Facility alterations action items:

  • Purchase construction materials that contain postconsumer or postindustrial recycled content. learn more
  • Purchase material previously salvaged from off-site renovations or demolitions. learn more
  • Purchase rapidly renewable materials. learn more
  • Purchase locally harvested and processed materials. learn more
  • Use low VOC paints and coatings. learn more
  • Purchase environmentally sound carpeting. learn more
  • Reuse existing carpets and rugs if possible, and recycle any that are discarded. learn more
  • Recycle as much demolition waste as possible. learn more