Why is HVAC efficiency important?

HVAC is often the most energy intensive portion of operating a building. Optimizing the HVAC in your building has the potential to save you a significant amount on your utilities.

HVAC action items:

  • Prevent conditioning your space when it is empty. It is a waste of energy and money. If you are a Liberty tenant, talk to your property manager about reducing the run time hours of your system.
  • Bring clothing options to work in case you need to add a layer on a cooler day or remove a layer on a warmer day. This can help eliminate costly fluctuations in a building’s set temperature.
  • Eliminate the use of space heaters. Talk to employees about how to make their workspaces more comfortable.
  • Talk to your manager about temperature issues at your cube to ensure your comfort level during the workday.
  • Turn off unused office equipment and lights.  This equipment generates heat which then needs to be removed from the building by the HVAC system.
  • Stagger major equipment start-times to reduce demand charges and energy-use spikes.
  • Insulate and seal pipes and ducts to reduce conduction and infiltration losses.
  • Regularly inspect and clean coils and damper seals, change filters, vacuum supply air grills, etc.
  • Make sure that damper motors are operating correctly and that dampers are closed during non-occupied hours.
  • Replace conventional filters with high-performance filters with particle removal effectiveness MERV 8 or greater. (Make sure seals around the filters are tight so no air bypasses the filter medium.)
  • Add economizers to take advantage of free cooling.
  • Add VFDs where applicable to pumps and fans to allow for maximum efficiency at part-load conditions. (May not be possible for every unit.  Check with your mechanical vendor to verify.)
  • Add sensors/control points to continuously monitor HVAC system variables such as outside air flow, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and filtration efficiency.
  • Commission the building HVAC systems to assess performance criteria, uncover operational deficiencies and identify opportunities for repair and improvement.

If you are a Liberty tenant, feel free to contact your property manager for help with any of the above items.