Benchmarking action items:


  • How many ways can you find to conserve electricity in your office space?
  • Energy usage for a building can be benchmarked in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.  If you are a Liberty tenant, contact your Property Manager for more information.

Water Usage

  • How much bottled water do you buy in a year?
  • Eliminate the plastic bottles and choose filtered water; it saves money and is better for the environment.

Paper Consumption

  • How many reams of paper do you order in a year?
  • Reduce waste by printing on both sides when possible.
  • Collecting used single sided paper to make scrap notepads.

Waste Reduction

  • Conduct a waste audit to see what you’re recycling in your office space.
  • If you are a tenant in a building managed by Liberty Property Trust,  contact your Property Manager to get information about your recycling totals.
  • If you are responsible for your own waste removal services, talk to your vendor to get your landfill and recycle weight data each month.
  • Track waste diversion and set goals to reduce landfill impact.

Carbon Emissions

Cleaner Transportation

  • Take an employee survey to benchmark your alternative transit usage and set a goal to increase it by a set amount over the next year.